We are drawn to gemstones that display the full array of natures beauty. What others might consider a flaw, we appreciate as a piece of their history, adding to their individual beauty.

Our collections include an array of precious gemstones from naturally colored diamonds in red through to black, and all of the combinations in between.

Sapphires in their endless color variations, Emeralds with their unique birthmarks, and passionate shades of cerise in the Ruby.

Our collection of semi-precious gemstones offer an affordable alternative to their revered relatives. Each stone has its own unique appeal, endless color-play in Opals, Sunstones with their warm earthy dual tones and the Tourmaline with the palette to express every mood.

Macha studio works to continually exploring color balance and introduce new depths of tone within our fine jewelry collections. We love to combine unexpected materials to maximize the extraordinary and express the individuality of the wearer.


We limit our metal use to precious metals that can be recycled. 85% of our fine jewelry is created from recycled metal. We choose 14k gold and the more dense Platinum for their durability, although we do have the ability to create all of our jewelry from engagement rings and wedding bands, through necklace and earring gifts, in other precious metal alloys.


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