Macha collections have been evolving continually since the brands inception. Constantly challenging the viewer and utilizing rarely seen before techniques, gemstones and arrangements.

Collections are often created as a social comment, romantic yet tongue in cheek, irreverent and layered with historical influence. 

Engagement & commitment rings are textured with unique gemstones, or sculpted into a never seen before semblance.

The Rockwell Line featuring rough nuggets of precious metals

Raw pieces of precious metals replace the gemstones in the Rockwell line. Layered with satirical depth, rings provide a non-traditional alternative to the engagement or wedding band and usually require a second look.

From top to bottom: Heather Baguette Ring Yellow Gold, Estelle Emerald Ring, Asymmetric Sapphire Ring

Jewelry pieces are imbued with romanticism and serve as talismans who's meaning can shift over time, and for each client, in the same way an individual appreciates an artwork. Classic pieces are re-imagined but feel as though they could have existed before.

Gemstone signet rings in white agate, pink opal, and blue agate

Signet rings also offer an alternative to traditional commitment rings, and feature One of a Kind hand cut stones. 

Hallmarked rings are officially stamped at the UK assaying office, the 'date letter' representing the year it was made, and by law is only available for that particular year, there being a 26 year for a letter to repeat.

Gemstones are chosen individually for their rarely seen before qualities, and appreciated for their naturally occurring imperfections. 

New techniques are introduced on a seasonal basis, producing an eclectic and constantly re-invented line. 

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