'...Macha is about a quiet rebellion, not necessarily ‘beautiful’, but not without nobility either, rough and warm-hearted and full of ripe character. It‘s witty, tenacious and defiant with an air of old fashioned peace...'.
Macha (pronounced with a silent 'c') is a jewelry brand which focuses on developing unique conceptual ideas, and translates them into wearable forms. The brand was created in London in 2009 by Irish designer Bernice Kelly, and now operates from a design studio in Brooklyn New York. Pieces are traditionally handcrafted, and often have a laid back, rock n roll inspired feel, and many items are designed to be worn by either men or women. New techniques are introduced on a seasonal basis, producing an eclectic and constantly re-invented line. Every Macha piece is honestly produced with commitment to authenticity, using only the finest quality metals, and upholding our belief in fair business practice with our partners and clients. The collaborative nature of the brand led by a director with 15 years design experience, ensures an innovative product, hosted in an inspiring environment. Products are available for purchase at the online store and at Macha Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY
135 Franklin St
NY 11222

+1 (347) 556-4871 (During opening times only)


Thursday 12-7pm

Friday 12-7pm

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Sunday 12-7pm 


We prefer to concentrate design time on developing new concepts, and therefore can only offer a custom design service with a minimum order, provided the piece is in line with current collections. 
We can occasionally modify existing designs in precious metals. 
Email shop@machastudio.com to start a discussion.
We do not offer any repair or re-sizing service