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Custom Macha

We offer a custom design service with a minimum order, provided the piece is in line with current collections. 

We can occasionally modify existing designs in precious metals. 

Contact us here about creating a style similar to a piece we have created recently or a bespoke piece subject to gemstone availability 

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Custom wedding bands

We can create a custom wedding band subject to a minimum order, or modify existing wedding ring designs in precious metals. 

Contact us to create similar to the fine jewelry pieces we have created recently depending on gemstone availability

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Diamond jewelry

A selection of our diamond jewelry in our favorite shades from colorless through black, cognac, rich reds and orange. Ethically sourced and almost always in their truest, most natural form.

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Emerald jewelry

The emerald as a symbol of the abundance of life and fertility epitomizes Macha's appreciation for nature itself.
We celebrate emeralds that have unique birthmarks that distinguish them as truly natural gemstones, extra minerals that create a characteristic 'Jardin' 

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Engagement Rings

Handcrafted engagement rings using unique diamonds & gemstones, exclusively by Macha Studio, Brooklyn New York.
Read more about the materials we use.
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Fine necklaces with unique diamonds & gemstones, ethically crafted at Macha Studio, Brooklyn NYC. Solid gold, and sterling silver. Browse also our selection of pendants which can be purchased separately here.

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New Arrivals

Unique fine jewelry, engagement & wedding rings with new arrivals weekly. Every piece is handcrafted responsibly in recycled metals by Macha studio Brooklyn, NYC

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One of a Kind

One of Kind pieces feature gemstones with unique qualities, or adaptations that aren't featured in the main collection. Email to start a discussion.


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Pendants that can easily be attached to your personal chain, or your choice of ours. Start a collection of our unique pendants in 14k gold.

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A durable symbol of wealth and passion, the Ruby is the birthstone of July, and 15th & 40th wedding anniversaries, a ruby has the same qualities of a sapphire due to a similar chemical composition. 

We love rubies that display the ghostly hexagonal structure of their make-up, unique cuts and combinations with contrasting gemstones. 

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Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Whilst an internally flawless diamond is highly valued, a diamond with anomalies can be perceived as extraordinary. Our salt and Pepper diamonds are an excellent example of perfectly imperfect.

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Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires inspire us in their many available colors and natural hexagonal structure. We love to emphasize a sapphire's natural stripe or dual tones.

Mens gold signet rings gemstones, custom made by Macha Brooklyn NYC

Signet Rings

Unique & often 'One of a Kind' signet rings for men & women, featuring hand cut or engravable stones. Hallmarked rings are officially stamped at the UK assaying office, the 'date letter' representing the year it was made, and by law is only available for that particular year. Read more here

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Unique combinations of diamond and gemstone rings embellished with signature curved and diamond bands. Handcrafted by Macha Studio, Brooklyn New York

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Textured Bands

Signature Macha wedding bands with our exclusive textures. Crafted responsibly in recycled metals in Brooklyn and New York, with reclaimed diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

The Rockwell Line

The Rockwell Line

Fine jewelry with twist, the Rockwell Line by Macha displays rough nuggets of precious metals in place of gemstones, in custom made settings with a subtlety that deceives the eye, and removes the reverence that surrounds the buying of that special piece. Email to enquire about a modification or rush orders

Wide Bands

Wide Macha wedding bands, Crafted responsibly in recycled precious metals in Brooklyn and New York, with reclaimed diamonds, sapphires or rubies.