Macha produces fine and fashion jewelry using precious metals and gemstones at our studio in Brooklyn NYC. We recognize that some of our activities have a harmful impact on the environment and aim to work in a responsible manner to reduce this impact. Following are our aims and objectives:

  • To design our products so that their environmental impact during manufacturing, use, and disposal is diminished.
  • To use raw materials, water, and energy efficiently in order to diminish our effect on the environment. 85% of our fine jewelry is created from recycled metal. We currently recycle 90% of our metal waste and regularly incorporate scraps back into new designs. 
  • To reduce emissions and waste from our work. Currently, 85% of our marketing materials and packaging is created from recycled paper and products. We also carbon offset our shipments.
  • To identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our work at an early stage and adopt these changes where appropriate. We are currently sourcing  natural alternatives to chemicals used at the studio.
  • To maintain high standards of safety at work for our employees whilst promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and encouraging responsible attitudes towards the environment.
  • To co-operate with our suppliers, customers, and other business partners to achieve higher environmental and ethical standards. Conflict Diamonds are rough diamonds that are traded illicitly in many parts of West and Central Africa to purchase arms and fund military campaigns. These groups violate human rights and prolong civil wars. We do not knowingly buy diamonds from a Conflict Zone and request guarantees from our suppliers to ensure they are doing the same. 
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