Macha's head designer Bernice Kelly came to the jewelry industry with the intent to return to artistry and traditional handcrafting, after years in corporate fashion working with huge factories who were squeezed to reduce costs risking the livelihoods of those who worked for them.

Since the brands inception, we've been combining traditional handcrafting with modern technologies, to create a product that is uniquely ours, with honesty and integrity. Human touch infuses a unique spirit into each jewelry piece and brings joy to the wearer, retaining a soulfulness that a machine cannot capture. Technology allows us to reproduce and streamline processes to keep costs affordable.

Our Brooklyn based studio was established in 2009, with the focus on experimentation and skill sharing so that the design process originates from the craft and is continually evolving. 

The design process at Macha Studio usually starts with a fresh handcrafted technique, new tool or materials, and is simultaneously inspired by our continual historic and artistic research so each piece has an abstract depth that can be felt in the heart but yet still feels refined and effortless.

Bernice was introduced to New York's fascinating diamond district when it was hit on hard times around the time of the great recession. She learned how to navigate the unruly system and has spent the last ten years improving our supplier base, sourcing master craftsmen, teaching our aesthetic, expectations and raising standards of manufacture. 

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We made a decision to work with recycled metals back in 2009 and have conversations with all of our suppliers about the origins of their gemstones to ensure they are in compliance with the Kimberley process. Our packaging is produced from recycled paper and we have a custom program where we can incorporate heirloom gemstones. 

Macha continues to work with craftsmen of rare and valuable skill in New York's jewelry district, as part of our resolve to keep traditional jewelry making alive, whilst taking the utmost care to ensure each piece is crafted to the highest standards.

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