The diamond is treasured as a symbol of lasting devotion due to its property as the hardest of all Earth's substances. 

Familiar diamonds value what is graded as the 4C's. However, each gemstone must be judged by its own potential. We recommend choosing a diamond that conveys a personal message to you. 

COLOR - Generally speaking, the purest diamond is graded on its colorlessness on a scale. We are more often drawn to deeper tones, black, cognac, rich reds, and orange. When colorless, we prefer to work with those in the color range D - J. We love subtle tones of champagnes, pinks, and yellows, in their natural form. It is worth noting that a true black diamond color is normally the result of a heat treatment.

CLARITY - While an internally flawless diamond is highly valued, a diamond with anomalies can be perceived as extraordinary. Impurities are generally pieces of carbon found in a diamond. Our salt and Pepper diamonds are an excellent example of perfectly imperfect.

Salt n Pepper Ragged Solitaire, 1ct natural diamond

CUT - The cut of a diamond should enhance the natural beauty of the gemstone. The cut refers to the way the stone is faceted and intensifies the display of light and color. This is not to be confused with shape which is an aesthetic choice and dictates the style of ring or other piece of jewelry that is created. We often use vintage rose cuts which increases the visibility of natural variations in color. Rose cut diamonds often have a flat bottom and allow for an increased surface size at an accessible price.

Rose Cut Red Diamond Ring, 2ct rose cut pear natural diamond

CARAT WEIGHT - The weight of a diamond or other precious gemstones is sized by weight in carats. (Carob beans were used throughout history was used as a unit of measurement due to the lack of variation in seed size) However, due to the varying density and height of each stone, there may be a considerable difference in mm size from one gemstone to the next. For example, a diamond slice will appear considerably larger from the surface than a regular cut.

At Macha, we place value on the diamonds that display rarely used qualities. Whether it's a variation of color or opaque vs transparencies, we seek the anomalies, the fullness of unique character. We believe those to be extraordinary and cherish those unique finds among the standard. 





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