We are proud of the fact that we have been creating Macha jewelry pieces in recycled precious metals since 2009. Our suppliers refine metals from industries other than mining, avoiding conflicted areas and reducing human and environmental harm as well as the distances traveled and energy expended to bring metals into jewelry production.

We predominantly use 14k gold in our fine jewelry, although many pieces can be recreated in platinum and we do offer a line of affordable sterling silver pieces.

A karat (k) is the measure of gold purity. 14k gold is a durable mix of approximately 58% pure gold with other metals such as copper or silver. The mix of other metals is how the color is created.

Ragged wedding bands in (top-bottom) : Platinum, White gold, yellow gold and rose gold, all 14k

White gold has a higher percentage of silver and rose gold has a higher percentage of copper. Our jewelry metals are standardized and can be viewed in person at our showroom.

We normally use white gold in its natural form as we prefer the natural warmth and more yellow tones for some of our gemstone pieces. However, it is customary for some jewelers to add a rhodium plated surface finish to white gold to brighten up the color and we are happy to add this to a wedding band to match with an engagement ring for example.

Rose gold rings from left to right: 
Taylor Ring 14k Rose Gold with Black Diamonds
Handcrafted Hoop Ring 14k Rose Gold 10mm
Ragged Wedding Band 14k Rose Gold 6-8mm

Platinum is a more dense and durable metal than gold and comes at a much higher price. It has a brighter, more silver color than white gold that we love to contrast with some of our organic textures.

We can also use other metal karats such as 18k gold, although the higher gold content makes for a slightly softer metal and a brighter metal color.



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